The Monogamy Myth

A Personal Handbook for Recovering from Affairs

Peggy Vaughan

Order now: I Am Right - You Are Wrong The Monogamy Myth is the belief that monogamy is the norm in our society and is supported by society as a whole. The reality today is that in as many as three out of four marriages, at least one partner will have an affair.

Because we cling to the Monogamy Myth the effects of an affair on a relationship can be devastating: those involved are racked by feelings of guilt, failure, wounded pride, and shame.

But an affair does not have to spell the end of your world. Peggy Vaughan argues, from 10 years of research into affairs and from personal experience, that we should reject the Monogamy Myth - not in order to excuse those who have affairs, but to help their partners recover from the crushing sense of inadequacy. She challenges our assumptions about the causes of affairs, and handles sensitively and practically the issues of blame, secrecy, self-esteem, getting help, wether or not to stay in the relationship - and how to survive regardless.

This is an indispensable book for you if your partner is having an affair - or if you are having one yourself. Better still, it is essential reading for anybody who wants to be married monogamously - and stay that way.

Order now: The Monogamy Myth - A Personal Handbook ...

Taschenbuch - Newmarket Press
14 x 20 cm
ISBN: 1557043531

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